Quality Contract Manufacturing

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Quality Contract Manufacturing

Lipa’s Quality team is effectively made up of a range of defined and exacting activities including Quality Assurance, Quality Control, Microbiology and Stability Services.

At Lipa, Quality is the second largest department both in terms of employee numbers as well as support resources, ensuring that all internal and external material and process flows meet exacting specification requirements.

Quality’s core function is the testing and processing of a wide range of incoming materials as well as the testing and release into the market of a wide range of finished products.

In order to be able to process the vast amounts of products flowing through the facility the Quality Control team utilize a range of validated analytical test methods across the latest and most advanced array of analytical instruments available to a private processing facility including – UPLC, HPLC, ICP, GS, UV, HPTLC and FTIR capabilities.

These activities are further supported by wet chemistry testing activities as well as a number of other less critical instrumentation based testing processes.

At Lipa, Quality and Service are interactive deliverables that support every aspect of our operations.

Reaching the highest Global Standards