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Lipa News

Dec 14, 2015

Lipa celebrates it's 20th Anniversary!!!

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Darling Harbour, SYDNEY – Lipa Pharmaceuticals has turned 20 years of age and has celebrated the milestone on board the iconic Sydney Starship along with 290 guests. The memorable occasion took place on Friday the 27th of November 2015 with guests cruising the world famous Sydney harbour whilst being entertained by musicians, a magician, and a caricaturist making the night an opportunity to reflect on the past 20 years.

The cruise was delayed as the ‘typical’ Sydney traffic slowed the arrival of the Lipa entourage, who made the journey from Lipa headquarters in sunny Minto, to the water ways of the harbour.

Joined by customers, employees and suppliers from Australia, New Zealand and South East Asia the evening was a celebration and a thank you to all of the people that have contributed to the success of Lipa Pharmaceuticals, which has grown to become the marker leader in Complementary Medicine manufacturing throughout the Asia Pacific Region.

Key guests of honor included the founding owners of Lipa with the evening highlighted by a heartfelt speech by Lipa CEO Dusko Pejnovic who stated “The success of Lipa has been due to its great people – employees, customers and suppliers many of which are here tonight and we thank you all for your continued support to help make Lipa what it is today.”

A huge ‘Lipa’ cake capped off the celebrations and guests ensured the memory of the event would last a lifetime with a photo booth producing hundreds of happy snaps with props of all descriptions used to capture the moment.