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Aug 24, 2012

Clinically proven & award winning KSM-66® headed to Australasia with industry leader Lipa Pharmaceuticals

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August 20, 2012

Ixoreal Biomed the manufacturer of the advanced ashwagandha extract KSM-66® has signed an exclusive agreement with Australia’s largest contract manufacturer Lipa Pharmaceuticals for the territories of Australia & New Zealand. KSM-66® can be used in many applications including nutraceuticals, functional foods
and beverages.

“Ixoreal is delighted to partner with the industry leader Lipa Pharmaceuticals in Australia and New Zealand as our companies share the strong belief and deep commitment to the philosophy of discovering and bringing to market the best sciencebased ingredients that nature has to offer,” said Kartikeya Baldwa director of Ixoreal Biomed.

KSM-66® has recently received recognition at two of the nutrition industry's largest trade shows - being awarded "Innovative Ingredient of the Year" at Panacea in South Asia & being a finalist for the "Best Botanical" award by Engredea at Expo West in Anaheim.

“Lipa Pharmaceuticals is committed to sourcing and developing close relationships with manufacturers like Ixoreal who are dedicated to providing our great industry with scientifically validated and premium quality ingredients. We have no doubt that KSM-66® will be a huge success in our region as the science and quality of KSM-66® is world
class” says Mr. Pejnovic CEO of Lipa Pharmaceuticals.

The clinically proven KSM-66® extract has been evaluated in several scientific studies which utilize the ‘gold standard’ randomized double blinded placebo controlled design. The studies conducted in humans prove that KSM-66® is a safe and potent adaptogen as it exhibits an incredible normalizing effect against common physical, chemical and biological stressors -leading to benefits of reduced stress, improved levels of energy, cognitive function, physical performance, immunity and fertility.

Ixoreal Biomed
Ixoreal Biomed is an herbal extract and pharmaceutical company focused on achieving scientific excellence by investing heavily in research and development. Ixoreal Biomed product development initiatives integrate modern scientific technologies with traditional Ayurvedic concepts with a focus on sustainability, WHO-cGMP and US-FDA
GMP standards.

Ixoreal Biomed is the only ashwagandha manufacturer in the world to own the entire value chain including the farms, production facilities, testing laboratories as well as the research and entire distribution chain. The patented KSM-66® extract is produced using a first of its kind, unique and highly secretive process based on ‘Green Chemistry’ principles which use no alcohol or synthetic solvents. To learn more about KSM-66® or Ixoreal Biomed contact:

Ixoreal Biomed
Steve Hanson, +1-480-488-0969,

Lipa Pharmaceuticals
Lipa Pharmaceuticals is Australia's leading contract manufacturer of Complementary healthcare medicines and supplies the Asia Pacific region with a wide range of nutraceuticals, non-sterile prescription and OTC medicines. Operating in Sydney’s south west, Lipa’s 15,000 square meter facility is world class and TGA licensed. With a
reputation in the Australasian market as an industry leader and innovator, Lipa has a proven track record of bringing novel ingredients to market forged through their close relationship with leading marketers across the Asia Pacific Region.

To learn more about KSM-66® or Lipa Pharmaceuticals contact the new product development team at